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Diakonia Chemo Care Kit launch Event
July 2017

Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) Launches The "Chemo Care kit", in collaboration with Diakonia

The soothing partner of cancer patients in their chemotherapy journey and the first initiative of its kind in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon - 2017: As part of its ongoing cooperation with Diakonia, which aims at easing the burden of chronic illnesses on patients, their families and involved staff, the Bellevue Medical Center launched the “Chemo Care Kit” initiative, the first of its kind in Lebanon and the soothing partner of patients during their chemotherapy journey. The launch event was held on Tuesday, July 11, in the presence of media professionals, healthcare specialists, and members of the organization.

Knowing that this disease touches most families and leaves its negative and psychological impact on both the patients and their loved ones, it was deemed necessary to seek a way that eases the long and hard journey of chemotherapy by providing simple and necessary requirements in the "Chemo Care kit” accompanying the patient to reduce the effects of treatment and thus ease the pain.

The Bellevue Medical Center chose to offer a small bag that includes a collection of simple items that no one could imagine to be this useful like: creams for the lips and body to fight the dehydration caused by the treatment, notes books, snacks, crosswords to pass the time while waiting and to keep the memory effective as the treatment can cause brain confusion and other items needed at this difficult stage.

Commenting on the initiative, the President and CEO the hospital Dr. Dia Hassan said: "A simple gesture towards those we love can make a big difference during hard times and our support will help them to challenge the disease and alleviate its effects. We are proud to be working with the Diakonia organization as a special care provider to improve the patients' quality of life as one cannot deny the importance of giving the necessary emotional and social care and its active contribution in the healing process."

The idea is part of a series of initiatives undertaken by the hospital in cooperation with Diakonia and its volunteers, which are available every week to provide emotional support for patients with difficult medical conditions and their families through individual meetings, gatherings and art therapy sessions such as music, theater and other methods.