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2nd Teddy Bear Clinic Event
May 2018
The Middle East Regional Meeting on Fragility Fracture Care
May 2018
2nd Conference on Perdiatrics & Neonatology
April 2018
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign
March 2018
Multidisciplinary Diabetes Center
February 2018
Best Healthcare Operator of the year 2017
January 2018
World Prematurity Day
November 2017
'Kick Breast Cancer" Football Game
October 2017
"Sunshine in a bag" a workshop organized by Ziakonia
October 2017
Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Congress
September 2017
6th Hematology Course
August 2017
Congestive Heart Failure Conference
July 2017
Diakonia Chemo Care Kit launch Event
July 2017
Spine Congress
June 2017
Hip and Knee Congress
May 2017
Teddy Bear Clinic Event
May 2017
Orthopedic Arab Board Exam
April 2017
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign
March / April 2017
Patient Support Services with Diakonia
March - 2017
Adolescent Health Awareness Campaign
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Oct-Dec 2016
Rachis et Douleur Frontière Multidisciplinaire
October 2016
Prof. Ghassan Maalouf receives the FFN Presidents Award 2016
September 2016
Chronic Kidney Disease Conference
May 2016
Uterus Transplant Signing Ceremony
May 2016
Orthopedic Symposium
April 2016
Kidney Disease Awareness Campaign
March 2016
BMC Christmas Charity
Dec 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Oct-Dec 2015
Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign
Oct-Dec 2015
BMC Re-Accredited by the Joint Commission International
Sep 2015
Opening of State-of-the-Art Dialysis Center
Aug 2015
Bellevue Medical Conference on Paediatrics & Neonatology (BMC - PN)
June 2015
Diabetes Complications in 2015: Updates
May 2015
Diabetes Awareness Campaign
May 2015
"Expecting Great Things" Maternity Fair
Mar 2015
BMC Celebrates Its 5-Year Anniversary
Dec 2014
Dr Ghassan Maalouf Appointed International Ambassador of the BJD
Nov 2014
Antibiotics Awareness Campaign
Nov 2014
Breast Cancer Awareness
Oct 2014
BMC wins the Top Hospital Award in Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
Mar 2014

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